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06D is an independent London based design studio founded by Mauro Fragiotta (Italy) and Francesca Adami (Italy). The different training of the two designers allows the studio to operate with a multifaceted personality that is specialized in custom-made and limited edition furnishing elements. The research of the 06D designers closely interweaves aesthetics and technique: the very essence of the materials is expressed in the perfection of the craftsmanship, eliminating the need for superfluous frills and decorations. The quality of the project and the excellence of the realization make each work of 06D a unique piece, an authentic work of art.


“A classical training in fine arts graphic design has allowed me to live for many years alongside signs, images, texts, shapes, colors and materials; all of which have become good friends. Graphic designer and artistic director for thirty years, an inhabitant of two dimensions who had missed the third dimension. The volume, the work of the material, the collaboration with Pierre Bretonnet, trusted craftsman and partner. To compose with technical constraints, to turn around the object and to make exist all of its faces. Learning again. Between sculpture and object, always attracted by the sobriety of the drawing and the limited series which provokes creation.” In his own words - Daniel Guillotin, creator of original and custom design objects. Caen, France.


Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Jan gained extended qualifications at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. His process of designing is the state of researching, discovering and being curious of the world, making insightful observations and drawing sensible conclusions. Jan is currently partnering with Galerie SORS to produce exclusive small series artisan design pieces, fashioned by his own hand from his Berlin based design studio and Warsaw atelier.


Nestled in the rolling hills region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Jan Kath has build a small town epicenter of creation for some of the world‘s most in demand designs in hand-knotted carpets. Whether designing for private residences, corporate headquarters, boutique hotels or luxury fashion brands, he purposefully breaks with conventional styles and throws strict design rules overboard, while combining classic elements from oriental carpets with contemporary, minimalist design. With his interpretation, he has developed an unmistakable signature that defines style. Jan Kath carpets are made of  hand-combed and hand-spun Tibetan highland wool, Chinese silk, and stinging-nettle fibers and produced in a traditional manufacturing process, woven by hand in Nepal and India. His concepts have earned numerous accolades and are shown in museums that showcase art and design such as the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art, the Beijing International Design Triennial, Art Museum Riga Bourse and the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich.


(1962-) After studying Fine Art and Fashion Design at EATM, Barcelona, he created his own eponymous label JOSEP ABRIL, a menswear collection; the “Bespoke” project of made-to-measure tailoring and the line “Uniformed By” - a range of luxury uniforms for airlines, catering and hotel companies. In addition, he was the creative director of Armand Basi One -menswear collection- during seven years, and he regularly collaborates with La Fura del Baus designing the costumes of Àlex Ollé’s Operas. He received several awards as Best Fashion Designer and for Best Collection. Since 2009 he teaches design in various universities, including ESDI, LCI/ & ELISAVA.


(1987-) “Playing with the narrow line between design and pure aesthetics, I focus on a constant search for bold and suggesting forms that can be used as a chair, as a table or as a sculpture. It’s all about coming up with a functional solution -how will it stand still or how comfortable it will be - together with an unexpected shape for it. I’ve been focusing my work in formal experiments where I play with the limits of form and functionality through the materials. Stone, iron and wood have been my best partners so far, their simplicity and their roughness can turn into something grace and extremely delicate”.


(1971-) A multidisciplinary creative space mainly related to architecture, design and interior design. Made up of a network of people from different disciplines -such as architecture, engineering, design, art, advertisement...-, where creativity becomes the meeting point. Philosopy: Function + emotion | Constructive essentialism - Values: Expressiveness, naturalness, refinement and harmony | Craft, rhythm and texture | Technology and sustainability Research: Sculpturing space | Blurring the limits | Defragmentation of the mass


Privatiselectionem has a belief in architectural and interior design which has naturally developed into the field of product design. Celebrating a platform based on an abundance of contemporary textures and technologies that derive from a transformative construction of study, progress and appreciation of a design aesthetic which has spanned the centuries. The constructive interplay of this cultivated expertise, combined with a refined workmanship and experimentation with proportions, are the compasses that guide the creative process. An approach holistic and artisanal. A result of perennial demand and an accumulation of experience in craftsmanship that exhibits an individual and distinctive approach to design is applied throughout the process, from the overall selection of materials to the meticulous application of the smallest details.


(1990-) A French designer based in Bordeaux. Rémi Capdepuy studied at the Nationale Advanced School of Architecture of Montpellier from 2009 to 2013. Marked by the social divide between dominating intellectual positions valued in our society, and positions related to manual work often denigrated, he decides to make the enhancement of manually manufactured work a primary concern. His approach to the object is that of feelings, of poetry, proposing a sensitive dimension between the object and the user. He’s led by the will to tell a story through the object, leaving as much freedom as possible to the materials, working his drawing so that they express themselves by themselves. His multidisciplinary approach is at the crossroads of different fields such as sculpture, painting, mechanics, architecture and landscape, all of which play a primary role in his creations, each one fashioned by his own hand.


(1985-) Sanna Völker is a Swedish born designer who works at the crossing point between Scandinavia and Spain. Her designs were exhibited in Milan, Paris, Barcelona and Cologne. Sanna’s work can be described as a search for equilibrium between rawness and refinement, harmony and intrigue. Her designs often draw references to architecture and brutalism, manifested in furniture and objects of pure shapes. Working with natural materials her pieces consist of clean geometries coupled with timeless expression.


Based in Bordeaux, William Guillon’s main influences are strong artistic movements, often dark and filled with modern melancholy. Obsessed with a futuristic dystopic vision, the issues he adresses are always loaded with his attraction to strong imagery. Beyond his influences, he has always been driven by his love for noble materials, raw materials to work on and embellish without alteration. Always valuing handicraft work, his objects are designed as high quality products, without ever compromising aesthetics for ease. After a Master’s degree in Art Direction at ECV Bordeaux, William Guillon has set up his studio with, as a basis, a reflexion around black and darkness. His interest for luminous objects was indeed born of a desire to carve this darkness with light as if it were a pure and precious material. William’s objects, handmade in France, are all available in various finishes and materials.