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Secure Payment

V alue added tax (VAT) is included in our prices at the currently applicable legal rate. The prices mentioned on our site are indicated inclusive of all charges, in euros. Delivery charges are not included in the price displayed on our website. We offer complimentary shipping on all orders initiated through our website in the amount of 400€ or more for deliveries within France and the EU. For more information about provided shipping and delivery services, please consult our Shipping and Delivery page. Additional charges that may be charged to the consumer are shown before the conclusion of the contract. If other additional charges not billed by the site may eventually be implemented at your expense, the corresponding information will be provided prior to the conclusion of the contract.


We accept payment by credit card : Apple Pay, Paypal,  Visa , Mastercard and American Express or bank transfer via SOFORT.

We also accept payment by Paypal .

Regulations by postal cheque , bank cheque   or administrative mandate are not accepted .

Card network VISA ELECTRON and MAESTRO of the MASTERCARD network cards are not accepted as part of the payments  on our website.


Yes , the payment is 100% secure . Transactions on www.sors.paris are secured by the payment of our Shopify and Stripe  partners system .

All information exchanged to treat the payment are encrypted with SSL . These data cannot be detected , intercepted or used by others . They are not kept on our computer systems .

When what you are asked to enter your credit card number , you can check from your browser you are in a secure area . These areas are identified by the address that begins with https and includes "checkout.shopify.com" as well as by a closed  padlock or a key at the bottom of your browser .

For your safety , Shopify and Stripe verifies that the connection with your browser is well secure before sending your financial data . Shopify and Stripe are the technical providers , and do take not support disputes related to orders . These  should be settled directly with www.sors.paris or your bank .

No banking information is stored on our site . Your bank data are directly entered on the server secure by our technical  partner and financial Stripe . The banking information that you give , encrypted on your own computer , will never circulate  openly  on  the  Internet .

You have up to 3 attempts of payment to pay your order . If none of these attempts  are  successful, your payment will be  denied and you will be redirected (e) on our site to a screen confirming   the refusal of payment . Your payment may have  been denied for various reasons : an error in entering your bank details , the amount of the order may exceed your financial  reserves , etc.

Contact our customer service to know the reasons and find a solution together to finalize your order . We remind you that  card networks VISA ELECTRON and MAESTRO of the MASTERCARD network cards are not accepted as part of the payments  on our website.