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Bespoke timepieces


[[The Oblique console combines the Privatiselectionem signature craft of bespoke brass wall panels with an integrated furniture design. The console itself is a freestanding modern piece complete with cabinet, two shelves and decorative legs. The matching wall paneling is composed of silver guilded brass sheets applied to wood board, and is available in bespoke measurements and finish styling.///LaconsoleObliquecombinelemétier designaturePrivatiselectionemdepanneauxmurauxsur mesureen laitonavecundesign demobilierintégré.Laconsoleelle-mêmeestunepiècemoderneautoportantecomplèteavec placards, deuxétagèreset pattesdécoratives. Leslambris demurcorrespondantestcomposédefeuilles delaitondoréargentéappliquéesà laplanche deboisetsontdisponibleenlongueurssur mesureetfinitionstyle.]]

[[Materials and Finishes:///Matériauxetfinitions:]]                                                                                                                    

[[Paneling: Wood board with silver gilded brass sheets / Cabinet: Silver guilded brass sheets and lacquered interior and shelves / Leg: Patinated brass///Lambris :Planche de bois avec del’argentdoré desfeuilles delaiton/Cabinet :argentfeuilles delaitondoréetlaquéintérieuretétagères/ Pied :patinélaiton]]

[[Custom finishes available.///Finitions personnalisées sont disponibles.]]  

[[Width///Largeur]] 230 cm (91 in.)
[[Depth///Profondeur]]   45 cm (18 in.)
[[Height///Hauteur]]   80 cm (32 in.)



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SORS. is proud to offer exclusive catalogue pieces that are both designed and built to order, many with bespoke material finish and size options.

While we upgrade our system with dynamic technical specification and pricing models, we thank you for your patience, and ask that you contact us with your inquiries and needs at